Saturday before September

Is it important to read and watch news?.. i dont do any of these.. and found out that i spend too much time in my own world. Sometimes it seem like i disappear and coming back to reality (..or how to explain reality anyway?)is getting more and more difficult..

Im driving with car and dont think about arriving but finally the road is going to visit my friend, Kristel, other side of the island.

Nature in August has been calm down.. it isnt like a young child anymore.. August knows its value.

We decided to go into forest to pick up mushrooms..while sauna is getting many chantarelles...later we brushed them.. and the knife drop on the floor..

Late summer sunset is great! Colours in sky are pink till purple and light-blue. Went on the field to say goodbye for this day.. running and rolling on the soft and airy hay.

Droping knife means that (male) guest are coming (fork means female)...and there they was.three of them. Enjoying company, sauna and cold beer... That is Saturady I like..

This night ended me and my friend sitting on the doorway.. smoking tasty tobacco in pipe and watching stars..

In the end everyone is one part in the big world..Living like do not harm others.

.my goal of this winter is more communication with other world.


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I think the key word is

I think the key word is knowledge.
I would be pretty afraid if someone was coming to me saying "look I don't like knowledge".
But this is not what you said.
You said you don't read books and don't listen to news.
But of course there is many other ways to get knowledge.
Think about all those illiteracy aboriginal societies...
Doesn't mean they where ignorants.
And indeed they knew many things that so called develloped societies lost (medicine plants, ways to interact, way to survive etc, etc)
So as long as you are following your own path to knowledge, you shouldn't worry.

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My mum reads a magazine

My mum reads a magazine called "good news" and its all about positive news stories that one doesn't ussually hear. Its also easier for society to be controlled when we have something to be scared of, terrorism, war, natural disasters etc. And there is that dark part of the human psyche that likes to hear about when things go wrong, why do you think people slow down on the motor way causing spectator traffic jams when there has been a grisly accident?
I think everyone is in their own world, its the only reality we can know, its impossible to see the world through anothers eyes. Our world is the only one that matters, so make it beautiful.

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This is a very nice story. In

This is a very nice story.
In very broken English...
which allows me to hear the voice of the person speaking; pleasure to meet you.

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is this supposed to be

an argument for watching the news?
It sounds like you are appreciating the beauty of the world quite fine without it. Unfortunately, the headlines are often negative. Is this a skewed sample of the positive/negative ratio in the world? In other words, are there really more bad things happening than good? Or, are the bad things more worthy of headlines? Or perhaps, I simply remember reading more bad headlines than good. The brain processes negativity differently than positivity. (I remember learning this at a lecture on campaign advertising. Because negative advertising makes more of an impression, it is used more frequently in campaigning.)
But I think it's generally a good idea to communicate "with other world." It gives people and places relevance, including the one from which you rarely venture. One appreciates peace when they know of war.