The new era of the kitten!

I often say things out loud without really thinking it through first. For example, when i asked the casa if we would like a kitten i wasn't actually expecting anyone to say yes. Luckily for me, this time, the consequences of my big mouthedness have been wonderful! The kitten has settled in very well and brought a lot of happiness and hours of entertainment to all who live here.

The story begins a week before i came to the casa when i was staying with Ineke in Wolvega. As with most people in this remote, cow loving part of the Netherlands Ineke's dad has a dairy farm, and like most farms there are a number of cats living there also. These cats, being farm cats, learn how to catch mice and other small rodents from a very early age. When these cats have kittens they go up for grabs to anyone who will take them. This is where i came in. Obviously, being me, when i went to have dinner with Ineke's dad, i spent most of my time playing with the new kittens and falling in love with our new host.

Unknown to any one, at that exact moment back at the casa a mouse had found some hidden (dare i say it?) SALAMI which had been left by a previous host. Being a mouse, he decided to share this amazing find with some of his friends...

So, when Ineke called offering the kitten, a week after my arrival at the casa and one mouse already having been discovered, it seemed like the perfect idea. However, when one doesn't have any money for transport getting a kitten from one end of the country to the other becomes somewhat interesting. I had never hitch-hiked with a kitten before. It made for a brilliant conversation starter!

I was dropped off by Ineke's mum at a fuel station in Heereveen on tuesday afternoon where apparently all the dog lovers come to fill up their cars. For the first 10mins almost every car had a dog in the backseat. However, i soon found a ride who bought me coffee and seemed to like the added dynamic the kitten brought to his journey. Everything went smoothly after then, until i was dropped off on the wrong road due to the driver of my new ride trusting his sat-nav over my map. So i now have a terified and over heated kitten in a box, on the side of a bad road with no way of making a sign. After walking to a nearby snack wagon and getting some cardboard for a sign i was back on track and soon picked up by a lovely engineer who had seen me but wasn't able to stop in time so circled around to come back and pick me up. He had two cats himself and thought our kitten was adorable. After him was my last ride of the day who called his wife specifically to ask if he had time before dinner to take me back to the casa, he drove miles out of his way and even offered to buy some food for the kitten along the way (i declined as i wasn't sure if the "no dead animals" rule applied to cat food).

So, after only a few hours on the road Kitten and I made it back safe and sound to Casa Robino ready to usher in a new "cat loving" Era at the casa!


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Great photos

The photos in this blog are so so so cute love the story about the chap who turned round lol

jill xx

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real reason for the cat to come in

If I am not mistaken, the final decision was taken the following day, right after finding the second (and hopefully last) mouse, self-caught in the bread bag.
Even we, dog lovers and cat haters, love this kitty kitty tititty titty!
Due to salami she came. Salami shall she be named.

salami --> mice --> salami

In order to keep the Fibonacci-style series, or better let's say "symmetry:" if we ever get a dog, we should name it "Mice."

anshuca's picture very very cute!!! I very very cute!!! I wish there was a cat when I inhabited the casa. Now I have one extra reason to come visit again sometime, if the casa shall have me :)

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i just gave her a bath!!!

our kitten was increasingly smelling more and more like ass. i decided to take intiative and bathe her today in the cruelty-free rose shampoo. i used just a little and a lot of warm water. she turned the water BROWN twice, she had been covered in brown! i rinsed her thoroughly. she doesn't smell like shit anymore.

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So cool!

So cute, and just what the casa was missing :) looking forward to meeting kitten soon....

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what a wonderful being! can't stop looking at those pictures... i'm happy you travelled savely with this precious freight!

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name for the kitten > poll

Valentina and I just created a poll to help us determine a name for the kitten, you can find it here and on the right of the page. As an authenticated user you can also edit the poll and add names as you feel like.

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Wow it is so easy to cheat

Wow it is so easy to cheat adding false votes. I like it!

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photos of kitten