noah's pudding

I would like to add this recipe since its story fits with la casa :)Which i like the story and the taste as well since my childhood.
After the flood they had so little of everything in the ark that wouldn't be enough to make seperate meals. So they put everything together to be able to feed everyone. Mom makes it once a year traditionally and gives one bowl to each neighbours.
Since it's a mom's recipe i have to say that amounts aren't accurate, typically :)

250 gr wheat berries
2 glasses of chickpeas
2 glasses of white beans
1/2 glass of rice
1/2 lt milk
500 gr sugar (at most)
dried figs, currants, sultanas, apricots
8 cloves
gound cinnamon

On the first day - Wash beans and chickpeas and soak them in seperate bowls.
Wash wheat berries well. Put them in a deep pot, add water quite above from the level of wheat. Boil and turn the heater off when it bubbles up. Put the washed rice in. Close the lid. Wrap around the pot with fabric and let it sleep.

On the second day - Boil beans and chickpeas seperately.
Put boiled beans and chickpeas into the deep pot which wheat rests. Do not drain the wheat's water by the way. Add milk. Boiled them together and stir once in a while.
In the meanwhile boil apricots, sultanas, currants and figs alltogether. And add them into deep pot. Stir.
When it looks like all ingredients soooo friendly together add the sugar but adjust it according to your taste.

Boil cloves seperately and add them to others right before turning the heater off. Stir and let the pudding to cool off couple of minutes.

Divide into bowls. Dress it with ground cinnamon (noah's pudding without cinnamon is like a sunset without sun). You may add chrushed nuts and pomegranate.

Bon Apetit!

PS: I never had the guts to make it my own. So if you intend to cook it pleeeease wait for me.


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afiyet olsun!

afiyet olsun!