istanbul twilight, i'm in love: my online postcard to you.

Dear Casa: I am happy in this small world;
and I still carry around bits and pieces of you, from you, to you.
I am still walking in your boots that you gave me when I had no more shoes left, and I'm still mending the same dress that I hitchhiked across a few continents in, and my life is filled with sweet old memories, and lovely new friendships.
I am so relieved to be in the sunshine these days, after so much rainfall.
Istanbul is a city, like any other, and unlike in any other, this time, I'm in love.

I tried adding this as an image; would have placed it into the Random Roads gallery, but it didn't seem to go anywhere except a deep dark abyss. So I'm adding it as a story. It doesn't show up in the Image Gallery. Then, what do I know about this website, anyway.



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So glad

you're in love.

I think that love (or lack thereof) manifests in our coping or celebrating of situations at hand.
I remember in the film Persepolis...
There was one line from that film that (for me) stood apart from the rest. In her narration, Marjane states that while her family and country had been torn apart from war it was her failed relationship that sent her into a state of despair. Her broken heart took center stage. The rest was background noise.

And I am convinced that if you walked into a woman's prison, most women would have their own story of love...what was or what is or what may be.

But is this just the case for a woman?

"Man's love is of man's life a part; it is a woman's whole existence," said Lord Byron.

If you walked into a man's prison, would they be lamenting over love?

Regardless, we see proof that love may be a factor of survival for both sexes. I have heard of the deaths of omas and opas who have passed away. Then not long after, we see their spouse follow despite efforts of companionship from others.

So, science says love is helpful in prolonging life.

But when it is not about survival, it makes the good better and the bad tolerable.

Yes, can even make us smile in the rain.

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you will never fully grasp the great inspiration you've been to me and my path. thank you, sweetheart.