She threw herself under a train the bitch

« She threw herself under a train the bitch »
« Elle s’est jetée sous un train la garce »

This is what a friend of mine in my dutch class told me tonight when I asked him why he was not in A’Dam last week.

He said that without changing the tone of his voice in this harsh and direct language so typical of the place where he is from.

He was talking about his mom alcoholic and depressive, who committed suicide. He added that she managed to do it under the only train which once a day cross their forgotten place.

Behind this terrible personal story appear the social reality of North of France.(le Nord)
The highest rates of alcoholism, unemployment and suicide of the whole country, a true constellation of shit-holes (les corons), made of bad quality houses built long time ago by companies for their employees. Companies left but people staid

Probably you remember the huge riots witch took place in the french suburbs some years ago.
Well although the area I’m talking about is one, if not the poorest of France, it was not part of that.
People are so depressed there, there is so much alcoholism that they don’t even think into rioting


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I agree with the Robino

I agree with the Robino about the importance of community. These people have lost their sense of humanity as they were once treated as machines. Therefore, it's hard for them to integrate their emotions into their daily lives. So they self-medicate (alcoholism). Terrible indeed. One would hope that the boy who has transcended the cycle would return and help his neighbors, but this is hardly likely. I am from a small town and couldn't imagine returning back so that I could contribute. The change required is of such a great magnitude that a complete overhaul of mentality and infrastructure. And so the cycle continues...

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Carreful with what you say Laura "people have lost their sense of humanity".
This is a terrible statment.
Although this might be true, in this specifical case we cannot judge.
I know that this statment is general and not particulary related to this story but still.
My dutch-class mate could read that (although it's not likely to happen) and he probably would not be really happy to read that.

When I get more time, I will add informations about the culture of this place.

Cheers all

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It must have been hard to

It must have been hard to suddenly have someone in front of you saying this, especially when you know the person. I hope you are able to give him some support.

The way the world works today is so inhumane, so very unfair and hard. I really wish we would have community every where in the world so people would have more meaning in their lifes again and these things would not happen anymore on such a scale.