open dinner as usual

"I went to the Albert Cuyp today", I said to Kasper when he came by today. "Ah really?", he answered, "so did I, but there was nothing to be found", he continued. I showed him the food in the kitchen, and said: "I guess you arrived just after I did".

It was a good dumpster dive again today. Just make sure you are there before closing time, and you find lots of good food. Again, the market people were really nice, and I received extra food, such as asparagus and some special mushrooms that had come all the way from China (imagining buying that!, are you crazy?), and Davide and I made some really nice food out of that, just before some new hosts arrived from Switzerland and some other people made it back to the Casa.

One of the nice things at the market was also the woman who came walking to me. She was looking at the green beans I was putting in my bag, and as there was so much, I also offered her some of it. We ended up filling her plastic bag with 5 kilos of it. It was really great to see the thankfulness in her eyes.

Anyway, as for the past 3 months also this Thursday you can expect an open dinner at the casa. We have enough food already, but if you feel like dumpstering, please do so, you never know what kind of extra delicatessen we will get.

The Ten Kate Markt is really close to the house (20 minutes walk), and if you are there at 1630 you will find good food in large quantities for sure. Most market people are really nice and are happy to give you the food they normally have to throw away.

Happy eating and happy dumpstering!


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ooooops this was supposed

ooooops this was supposed to be a story not a comment oooooopssss repossssst

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Yesterday, I ate breakfast in Maastricht, lunch in Amsterdam, and dinner in Maastricht again.

I woke up earlier than usual. The night before, I started to remember all of the little things that I had forgotten to pack upon my chaotic departure... Things I hoped that someone might decide to lightfoot in my direction, but truly things that would only really be important to me. A few of my paintings and sketches, a pair of tweezers I've been carrying since Thailand, a pouch of henna from Morocco, my Turkish phrasebook... But, back to waking up earlier than usual... I felt an urge to take advantage of the daytime. I felt the urge to say my proper goodbyes to Laura and Robino, both of whom I missed the opportunity to give hugs to. I felt the urge to hitchhike. So, I hitched from Maastricht to Amsterdam (arriving around noon!) and back (arriving before dinnertime!) in the same day.

The more amazing thing about this story is that instead of bothering to walk all the way to our "official casa hitching spot", I tried the bus stop on Jan van Galenstraat across from the Albert Heijn instead. The very second I stepped into place, with my thumb and my UTRECHT sign, a driver who had been stopped at a red light unlocked his passenger-side door. Instantaneously. Not even a single second of waiting before my first lift! (And, thanks to my Turkish phrasebook, we could communicate, since he was Turkish, after all). Things are clicking into place!