Journey to Texel

Pedal, pedal, pedal, thumb, thumb, thumb. Look left, look right, flat farms, all identical. Stick out your thumb. 5, 10, 15 minuted. Red lights, brake. stop. get in. Ride.

Our journeys to Texel may have been quite different, but in the end we all arrived. Two may have biked, four may have hiked. Who cares. We are all here together, out of the casa robino.

Today was an adventure. Rene and I biked to Texel. It is crazy how you pedal, and pedal, and eventually you end up somewhere completly different. This morning we started in Amsterdam, and now we are in Texel. I look at the map, it makes no sense. How did we get here? Oh well, does it matter? I think not.

Dinner, laughs, music. fun. No matter where we are, the doos, Casa Robino, the occi, texel, we are all a community, a unified force, we are always us. Life is beautiful.