CasaLeipzig !?!

Interested in developing intentional communities in beautiful old houses which are being disposed for free in exchange of some care? ... get in touch with Dante
Map of Leipzig

EXCERPT : "to ensure the safety and preservation of endangered buildings and the acquisition of new tenants for these buildings on a non-commercial basis. The background to the initiative is the concentration of listed buildings from the end of the 19th century which are currently empty and are located on major roads and are important for the local urban context. Due to the large number of vacant houses, classical refurbishment is often very impractical and uneconomic from the view of the owners. For the owners it is very often difficult to find alternative ways of dealing with this problem and this often results in insolvency for the building owners, and the buildings being demolished. However there is potential in the situation for making use of these premises outside of the usual rental market. This is particularly applicable for creative individuals with alternative lifestyles and living requirements."


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houses in the forest

We could also make tree-houses :)