Filming the dumpstering

Hey there lovely casa people...

I have been ridiculously slow on getting back to you guys about filming the dumpstering... but have finally made some brain space, so here i am!

I would love love love to come along with you, whoever, whenever, when you go, i would love to get as much footage as possible, ask questions to anyone who doesnt mind answering etc..

How often do you guys go? Could you let me know if/when you go next week, either on here, or email, or text msg? That would be just fabulous! Ideas for the structure of the film are starting to come together, lots of ends running everywhere at the moment... anyone who wants to help in anyway, feel freeeeeee....

Cheers and hope to hear from ya's! xx lily


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Yeah got the email from sky,

Yeah got the email from sky, brilliant and i will be there for shizzzzzzle! I guess ill meet them at the house... anyways, will be fun fun fun :)

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hey lili!

How are my trousers doing? tomorrow some are diving, sky wrote you an e-mail. would be great if you could make it.