amylin's Quotes

baltic feet

Sometimes I just think my right foot is Estonia.

— Dominic

I don't give any fuck!

— Onur

Onur's Turklish way of saying "I don't give a fuck!"

What are you doing on Saturday night?

I have a friend that you maybe want to have interaction with.

— Simla, understating

barely legal

I miss being illegal.

— Serpil's response to amylin's new grafitti projects


Kasper (on antagonizing people): I guess I'm doing the thing Marc likes to do.
Anu: What? Spliffs?

— kasper/anu

i can also

Now you can eat it..... I can have a piece.

— Tanja, who suggested Anu open her birthday candy, simply because she wanted to try it.

be more boring

Well, you're an extraordinary person, so it's a lot harder. Maybe you should try being more boring.

— emmie

emmie tries to advise amylin on how to fall in love with anyone


"Your ribcage keeps poking my ribcage!"

— amylin/mert


Caroline: Oh, I'm celibate.
Laura: Voluntarily...???

girls chatting in living room

Yeah, well, little do _they_ know that I'm living in this Microcosm of Oppression...

— Laura, talking about a j-o-b