dear fatih akin, on behalf of female hitchhikers: thank you for showing us as we are ---

strong, daring, assertive, emotional, patient, crafty, perceptive, resourceful, and still "real".

i love these stereotypes.

also, thank you for confirming that most germans can't dance well in clubs/parties, and that turkish gümrükçülar are more interested in random scabby women than in guarding poor foreigners (because these, too, were stereotypes that we also knew had some minor basis in reality but are too pc to point out, because we love everyone, all the time, and never want to hurt anyone's feelings by accident if we were to say such things openly - so, shhh!).

basically, thank you for the underlying messages in an otherwise light-hearted, somewhat predictable "love story" film. yes, sometimes, we would do anything for love, but we'd also do anything just to survive, because we aren't afraid of anything/anyone. and, we can learn a lot that way, too.