Everything is just fine

Everything is just fine

I recently came back to Casa without much planning ahead.

It had been almost an year from my last visit. Everything changed and everything stayed the same.

A new hosting tribe taking good care of dumpster diving and making sure not too many questions were asked; journalists popping in to write articles about the Casa and skipping the waste; a kitten asocial as usual; new bikes, old bikes, repaired bikes, broken bikes, never enough bikes; tons of tea that is so difficult to decide that I always went for the well known green tea; storytelling and facilitation in the air (together with good dose of smoke on the balcony); Thursday night dinners; washing up dishes; sun-tanning on the roof (this last one very unusual for Amsterdam weather...)...

Good news, bad news... always just right news and challenges for new learning.

I really loved the chilled atmosphere and people taking care of me and my heartbroken by one more Dutchie :)

I loved that people take good care of each other, and the community that supports this project is growing.

In particular, I loved the 2 clowns-hosts at the casa: Nick and Miguel. I wish Nick to learn how to cook pasta (I can give you lessons in Berlin); and Miguel the happiness of its role and the ability to wash off the make-up whenever is needed, and always be true to himself.

Thanks for the journey, the walks, and the talks.

(and don't forget to change the vinegar+sop-natural-flies-killer) in the kitchen... :)