Offloading breads & patisseries,

Today we found a new skip :
Two HUGE bags of croissants, Moroccan flat bread, pain au chocolates et cetera et cetera.
Combined with our almost daily hauls at a new bakery haul point with incredible bread, we're now finding ourselves a little..flooded in bread.
So, in particular for the moroccan bread & croissants, if anyone wants to come by and pick up bread..please please feel free. There's no way we can eat all of it..and, our stomachs may give out on us from so much bread as of late.

Too, perhaps anyone has suggestions on setting up a kind of..point of bearing where we can exchange things like this with other like minded people for things we may need (particularly - grains, pasta, flour, cocoa, spices, herbs..). It's ridiculous that we have this kind of over-abundance of things so regularly..and have to end up throwing away our recovered waste!

Also, tonight, we found a new skip from a turkish store for fruits & vegetables - finds included the entire population of italy's supply of tomatoes; cherries, a yetti, strawberries and SPINACH - weeeeeeeee!

Photos of today's haul & waste documentary @ casa up soon!