Long Live Pasta Madre!

I got some pasta madre from Robin in Vicenza. It has now spent a week in my pannier, without refrigeration, in a bath of olive oil in a jar, several times. I revived it in Casale, I revived it in Lyon, and I revived it in Barcelona. It seems as long as it stays wet it can live! It is always a difficult time, waiting to see if it will grow, but it always does! Hooray!
I love making bread, I even love having bread dough mixed with the other dirt on my clothing.
I love feeding people fresh home-made bread, it's one of the best gifts in the world.
Bread is SO FUCKING CHEAP!!! And healthy, and tasty!!!
So I'll be taking this pasta madre to Madrid and then we'll see how it fares across Africa on a bike. Wish us luck! I've been thinking about making a solar oven out of a cardboard box and some recycled foil-lined chip bags, if I can't find an oven.....

Pasta Madre on a bikePasta Madre on a bike

Yay Open Source Bread!!

Glad to hear the pasta madre at the Casa is still alive!

Have fun! HUGZ

love n joy,