van niets komt iets

"I never see hitchhikers", I was told today by one of my five drivers while going back and forth to and from Den Haag. As a response I gave a summary of five people that I know, who are also hitching somewhere in Europe today, and added a short story about night-hitching, and how one can do large-distance hitchhiking.

Earlier that day I had a ride with a woman talking about the first seeds that we planted on the balcony and rooftop just yesterday, which in fact was an excellent day. Many things happened around the house lately, and Sunday was yet another day to give it additional thought and create new bindings.

A day of late breakfast, welcoming, goodbyes, structuring the overload of mess, planting, and -obviously- many hugs. But also a day of showers, sun and - of course - 'Dutch light and a rainbow for the final touch'. The wine we called, La vita è bella. May the sun beam its light through the Zula with full strength.