amylin's Quotes

Build a boat to sail to Iceland

But what are we going to build a boat out of? ... Probably computers.

— Lily, answering her own question

Charles the First, Brigham the Fourth

Seriously? You have a numeral in your name?!
Yup, that's Wisconsin royalty..

— Anu/ Charles

when it comes to your j-o-b, you're started to act like kasper...

He only started showing up for work once they started offering free lunch. Then, he would only go for the lunch, and take home the wine.

— amylin talking to Robin about Kasper's work ethic

EU law is bullshit

"What is good for the economy is bad for the people"

— -- Robin/Amylin/Julien, discussing how EU laws will make it impossible for you to buy local alimentation from neighbors, and instead buy from supermarkets


"That whole mess is just a big fuckin' mess."

— -- Alan, referencing the conflicts in the Middle East

Robin's Mom says:

"It's a website about everything...mostly recipes"

- Robin's mom, in response to seeing the site for the first time

help file

People should RTFM before asking questions.

Marc... "because otherwise I get questions like 'Marc, could you read the help file; I can't be bothered to read it...'"

Marc becomes Anu

"I woke up this morning and found out I became an Anu..."

realitygaps (Marc)


"I want to have kids and teach them open-mindedness..."

"Nice, and teach them to hack."

Anu / Marc

stupid children

"I'm not having children."

"Of course you're not! No intelligent people are having children."

Amylin / Marc starting a big discussion in the room