casa's Quotes

Bitch-flavored pannenkoeken

"Petra makes terrible pannenkoeken. She puts too much bitch in them."

— Laura

amylin speaks the truth

Amylin: Golf courses are a waste of space.
Caroline: Ain't that the ever-lovin' truth?

— typical Southernism coming from Caroline

Robin: "Hey, i know. Let's destroy civilization today."
Caroline: "Okay, but can we keep the wireless?"

— - Robin and Caroline making plans for the day

see you in my dreams

"Caveman! I make wet dream about you! No, just a hug."

— Lorenzo

Teh internetz

The internet is way more addictive than we care to admit.
Amen to that.

— Caveman responding to Aisha

Cheegan Remix

"Have you heard of this?"
" that the remix?"

— Caroline and Robin talking about Kasper's Cheeganism

gas masks for breakfast

"i woke up this morning and the two people next door were wearing gas masks"

Lily on the first days sighting of Renee and Remi

failing naps

"i've never gotten a failing grade on a nap before"

Paxus responding to Robino who was demanding he return to bed,because his nap was too short.


- what have you done for the revolution Today?
- I don't have to do anything. I am vegan. It is what I didn't do.