bicycletta's Quotes

morning philosophies

after much heated debate on 'claims' -

"i'm sorry i stepped on your balls"
"i'm sorry they're so big and blue"

(all in the name of fun)

— Robin and Chris

before breakfast

the only way is up!

"Who are they?"
"I am them!"
"All of them? No way!"


"No way.."
"No, no way is not a way.."
"Everything is permanent, nothing can be changed.."
"No, nothing is permanent, everything is in flux.."
"No way, nothing can be changed.."
"No! Nothing can't be changed, everything is in flux.."
"Everything is permanent.."
"Everything is in flux.."
"Nothing can be changed.."
"No! Nothing is permanent, everything is in flux.."

— Timo, Robin, Chris

chatting late-night bullshit

nature by numbers

"how many petals does a fruit flower have?"
"...i don't know, five? six? ... wait, is nature odd or even numbered?!"

— rada

on the roof

Pegalus the pirate baby

'i'd stab me own mother!'