Hunan's Quotes

Jointathon paraphrased

"Will tattoos affect getting a job?"... looking up, "Wait, why would I get a job?"

Why is this funny?

noodles makes you happy.

— Superman

Still having trouble with shapes

"See that triangle square?, it's there"

Hunan giving directions

Why can't anyone get it right?

"All circles have one corner"

Garf, insistent.

Wrenaqua's week

"At the festival I had really good energy, but then it all went to prison".

A question posed to Richard

"Wanna go to the playground?", "No".


If life gives you melons,
you may have dyslexia.

I don't like people. I like nuts.

I don't like people. I like nuts.

Lilith, trying to give an impression of Robin