Setting up a food-coop

Somehow many conversation here in Casa Robino lead to local currencies and food cooperatives. So when we were discussing [ local money] and food coops in Madison, [ Louisa] (18 yr old, Australia) asked: "what is a food cooperative?". We had a great exchange of information after that question, which lead me this morning to write a piece on sharewiki about [ how to set one up]. Happily enough, some people here in Amsterdam recently started the initiative of setting up a local food-coop here called [ Vokomokum], with a meeting every month. I will go to the next meeting and become a member. I know of one specific farm that is also involved in this coop, a farm where quite a few people volunteer once or twice a week but somehow it would be great if (in the future) we could even involve a net of urban farmers in this or a similar project.