Bicycle Bloopers

So.. it's not that funny, but follies happen on the road.

My bike is not very stable with all of my luggage. That is why, when I stop, I must hold the thing constantly. The kickstand is absolutely of no use.

As you could imagine, this has created some embarrassing situations/ problems.

I had been riding all day when I came upon an Aldi. I was starving and needed supplies. After shopping, I returned outside, unlocked the bike, and began loading it up. When I was done I tried to board.The bike began to fall over.

Instead of letting the bike fall over, I held on dearly. This resulted in my falling over the bike and everything being scattered amongst the parking lot.

That wasnt the only time it happened...

Once in Belgium I hit a bump which caused all of the contents of my basket to bounce out all over the street.

In Brussels, I hit a bump which jarred my front wheel lose. The forks hit the pavement, and I went flying into the intersection.

Ah... the joys of bicycling.