Photo Project

Photo Project

Hi everyone,

I am doing a photo project at the moment, with the themes of masculine and
feminine and I am looking for participants! (maybe some of you received this email already but I have only a few email addresses, I realize!)

It is quite simple :
If you feel like participating,
I would like you to look at the objects that surround you in your daily life, the objects you have, and pick one that has an echo to the feminine part in you if you're a woman. One that has an echo to the masculine part in you if you're a man.
Then I would like you to photograph it and email it to me...

I am collecting these images around me and I am putting them together. I am not sure yet what it'll be in the end but... ;)

There is no aesthetic criteria, you can even take the picture with your phone if you have one. The only restriction is that there should be no one on the picture, nor a part of the body.

Not to worry if you find your object is cliché or if it's not understandable for others. What matters is how the object feels to you, it is subjective. You can write a few words to explain your choice if you feel like!

After you send your image, if you want to continue, there will be another step :)

voilà! I hope this inspires you :)
I have an interview next week with art school to start again after a year off so I'll show this work then and it would be a good thing if you can send your image before the end of the week, then I can include it before the interview (I know, it's very short notice!). But if it arrives later it's also fine, I'll continue also after the interview :)