Coming Home

I just arrived on Monday evening at the Casa, around 9pm, having left London at 10 that morning. This is my third stint here, the last one being in February of 09. As i was coming through town from Centraal where i was dropped off, i had the strangest sensation of coming home. It surprised me at first, but i realized later that it shouldn't have, really - Casa was such a haven for me last year when i was in a very difficult and strange place personally.

Home. Though i've certainly ratcheted back my traveling in the past year, it's still a concept i spend a lot of time thinking about, as i suppose many nomads do. Yesterday sitting in Vondelpark, i was watching the birds and came to the thought that i feel more like a bird, with nests all over the place. I do crave roots deeply and while i'm so very grateful for the ones i have at my home community at Twin Oaks in Virginia, i feel pretty aware that i'll probably never stop flying from place to place and making more and more nests for myself. And so i'm realizing the importance of making my home within, by nurturing my relationship with myself and keeping my body healthy. I can let the different paths i walk draw lines into me and let them crisscross into new patterns, creating an international web of home that i carry in my bones everywhere i go.

After all, i am the only place where all the people i love will ever all be together.