World’s Most Stunning Data Centers

Who says technology can’t be art? Taking a break from our typical hacks and mods, we bring you the most impressive data centers of the world. Pictured above and below, Microsoft seems to have their top-secret data center organization down to an art. As you can see, the final results are just breath taking.

Sweeden’s Largest ISP:

**Update** – See a video tour
This thing looks like a secret lair! On a truly epic scale, above is a newly opened high security data center run by one of Sweden’s largest ISPs. It’s located in an old nuclear bunker deep below the bedrock of Stockholm city and sealed off from the world by entrance doors 16 inches thick. Some data center’s have discovered how to turn those troublesome cables into something beautiful:
Data Center Cable Art:

As you can see, some data centers know how to properly organize their setups. The above are some of the best looking cable setups we’ve seen, but wait until you see the world’s worst cable messes.
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