Casa-Study on Dumpsterdiving :)

Since about 2 weeks (sorry slow in profile-making) have been often in and around the casa and together with all beautiful people in and out there: going for a few dumpsterdivingexpeditions, making pancakes and smoothies at pancake-sunday, cooking a slowfood vegan feastmeal on thursday, hanging out in the Zula, smoking on the balcony, having deep or not so deep talks and great laughs :)

Not only because its just really nice and wonderful to be here.. right now (march 2010) also for my study Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, as the main activity for a short qualitative research-project about dumpsterdiving, freeganism and reciprocity. My main aim is to describe how the proces of dumpster-diving works in the Casa, from the containers to the mouths of the people, and to show what wonderful world is there all around this proces. I had been in the Casa a few times last year, and actually already since 1,5 years I did a lot of dumpsterdiving as a way to get food (and furniture and espressomachines and so on).

I chose to do a case-study (Casa-study) with participant observation as the main method. This means not much more than just being a lot and participating in the Casa. I have to hand in my report already next week (26 of march) so right now I'm not so much anymore in the Casa but behind the computer, writing everything out...

For sure also after this I'll stick a bit to the Casa if you guys dont mind (I feel at home!) and doing my best to make a beautiful shiny report out of it, which will be written or translated to English by myself. If you have ny things to add or ask please contact me! I'm everyone who participated extremely thankful :)