The shortest list of common mistakes in Mawa Hata

After having proudly raised a first generation of mawa hata participants, I feel the need to share some thoughts, to help you raising the next generations and to prevent me from hyperrepetitivehysterianeurosis.

  • Being in Mawa Hata once in a lifetime or 7 days a week, you are a participant just as much as the others. Sleepovers don't have a higher rank in responsibility and contribution.
  • You make the rules, so there is no one that knows better how to do X and no reason to leave X up to someone else. (X=any food/furniture/workshop/music/cleaning/rearranging/blog/...- mawahata related activity)
  • Be responsible, for yourself and the people around you. Never hesitate to help others improve their way of participating.
  • Hosting between 2 and 15 people every day brings happyness and inspiration, as well as dirty toilets and a high waterbill.

Consider safety:

  • the front door double locked, from inside as well as from outside
  • the window in the arena closed and locked with the tiny lock above

Consider the neighbours:

  • don't stand and talk in front of the door after 23.00, or the official deportation committee will throw you out of the continent to china


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