We have two pigeons that have build a nest in the tree right in front of the house. The egg is white. We are also getting forward with the gardening. On the rooftop we have rucola and other types of crispy lettuce and on the balcony beans and lots of herbs. And wow, isn't it growing fast!

More signs of spring: hitchhikers are arriving en masse here in Amsterdam. Within one week, I think, we hosted well over 10 hitchhikers. We also went hitchhiking with a crew of the casa (Lindsey, James, Aisha and me) for a weekend in Germany. We went in two crews to a rainbow gathering. Both groups left at the same time (starting at the Casa spot) and arrived at the same time, and both teams had five rides to get there.

We hope that actually more people will go to the rainbow. The gathering is really close to Amsterdam (250 km) and is a great hitch. The people over there are very much what you are used to here in the house and you will get lots of hugs. When there you will also see some notes from us and from Charlie (who we had just missed) on the welcome-board. We also told some people over there to come and stay for a little while here in the Casa. Who knows who will show up.

Another sign of spring: Rene and Laura went cycling together to Zeeland over the weekend (that is well over 120 km). Who would have been able to guess!