Skipping in Spain

One of the nice features of our website for me is the friendfeed, which aggregates posts from friends of the house (mostly ex-hosts) who have websites. It is one of my favorite things to read, to see what's up with who and when. And sometimes it actually gets more than that. Take Lena's recent post for example, where she writes about the freedom of the streets and how the Spanish state is cramping on Dumpster Divers.

in Madrid they put the pressure on shop owners to install cameras watching their skips, to put fences, not to put the trash out before the arrival of the trash-truck. They threaten also with strengthening the police control above trashes and with big fines..

Would be good to get actually some more information about this for just like the people in Brugge did for OIli, who got arrested just for going through some dumpsters.

On a more positive note, some of us just found a new dumpster close to the Casa last night... and the treasures are just now being cooked :)