Hey, that's not the right way !

Today, when I was going back home form the Uni, I got a ride from a really friendly retired pilot.

While still working, he was often transporting VIPs.

Once, when he was heading to small airport nearby Paris, to take a plane and fly to pick up Edouard Leclerc, he saw on the Ringroad (at Porte d'Orleans) a hitchhiker with "Nice" sign. He picked him up and they started talking about more or less whatever.

Few moments later the hitchhiker realises:
- Why do you turn out of the highway? Hey, that's not the right way to Nice!
- If you want, you can get off here, but otherwise, I am flying to Nice, in two hours you can be already there!


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there seems to be something about pilots and hitchhikers. i got picked up by pilots about 3 times in the last years. some gravity makes them stop i assume.

actually 2 of these pilots i met in one day. the first one in the very south of spain. i thought with 24 years he was quite young to fly passenger airplanes, but after another lift and a little bit of walking into portugal i got picked up by number two, also flying passengers - he was 21! ;)