openid frenzy

Open-id has been enabled, making it easier for some to login and create an account. Not for all though, if we a take a look at this e-mail from Sitarana (mind, when reading try to read it with a French accent, it makes it even funnier) This openid frenzy is pissing me off. I understand NOTHING of how it works (...) but I blindly registered myself one like a phishing-victim candidate. And it FUCKING doesn't let me log in to your FUCKING casarobino website.

I'm fine, and you? :) J.

soon to come...

I can't wait for a password to be mailed to me, as I stand on a random streetcorner in Trapani, borrowing wifi, but I will soon be comming to the house to stay for a short while, relax, explore, invent, and plan a month tour of the middle east. I would say more, but the low batery beeping is driving me nuts. be there the 2nd (or so).


I don't know

I don't know

New Theme?

We need a new theme.

Erga just suggested Delicious Fruit. I haven't suggested anything yet, so please comment and suggest more.

Mark & James on a joint trip

How cool is that! Mark decided to extend his trip and to not go back home to Australia for his job, came to Amsterdam instead, stayed for a week and met up with James, also from Australia, who had been at the house before for 10 days but had to come back to pick up his laptop and some other stuff. And now these two guys, with an age difference of 12 years are going to hitchhike together from Central Europe "thru the austrian/french alps, & then towards spain, where we will visit some hippy communes & hopefully swim in the ocean again (link). " Just brilliant.

Kilos and kilos

Anca and I went to the Ten Kate market today. First we were taking stuff from the blue cans, but then we heard "Gratis! Gratis!" from another stand, with people flocking there and loading up on veggies and fruit. We joined them. It was a bit heavy, but we managed to take the kilos of food home. Meanwhile Erga called to say that she found a lot of stuff at the Dappermarkt! Now we're making a nice soup and Robin will prepare kouseband.

Later today we might head to STEIM for some electronic weirdness.


Hallo from no-so-random roads, 191 km from a'dam now, car with 2 more surfers & another traveled-one. if there are housedinners this week slightly considering invitations? hope someone is home when I get there, should be 5-6, maybe. tui!

Mindmapping SHE

At the SHE-meeting here in Amsterdam some months back, we had an empty piece of paper with written at the top 'ideas-page'. In the end Dante and I used that sheet of paper for a brain-dump. Now I finally managed to write those keywords down in clear sentences.

Really funny to see also Veit in action by the way. The profit he makes through HC must be dropping. Maybe we should let him know his donation-box is still here in the house?

Back to Amsterdam

Erga and I have been in Antwerpen for a day and in Paris for a bit longer. Yesterday afternoon we hitched out of Paris, a bit late, as usual. We got a ride pretty fast. From a clairvoyant heading to Nijmegen, so we decided to drop by at Bob Knutton's instead of heading straight back to A'dam.

Now we're about to hit the road again to head back to Casa Robino...

Today's Dumpster Diving Results

At the Albert Cuyp we collected today, with a special dedication of Jimmy Hendrix, 15 avocados (guacamole!), 4 mango's, 3 melons, 3 courgettes, 3 crops of lettuce, 2 bunches of flowers, 1 pineapple, 1 lemon and 200 grams of little pod vegetables. But that's not all, on the way back (while enjoying some nice music and atmosphere in the Vondelpark) we also dumpster dived in the neighborhood. That brought the house a carpet for the attic, a second bulletin board for in the kitchen, a water boiler, a new coat rack, a small table and a bed (jackpot!).