Kitten and Dog

Kitten and Dog

: )
They play making noises like weird creatures crawling and jumping around....Kitten finally found a smallsize friend and this black and white dog...its stealing everybodys heart......

a spot in someone's garden...?

Hello everyone,

I don't really know where to look so I thought "casa-ists" might be able to give me a bit of advice!

I am in the mood for planting a tent in a green area, where my needs would be : toilet, access to tap or fresh water, quiet sleep, organic grapes, privacy/solitude when I wish, and no scheduled activity (or little) (or I could do some work but not too tiring and not too many hours). :)
I have a bit of money, but not much.

another option would be of renting someone's van for a little, but I don't know if that's possible.

Child tale

Once upon a time, there was a man on the road. He meet a poor man, he invite him in his home. I am very happy that you are here !

Anyone into solarographic pictures?

It's summer, so let's take some pictures of the sun :) It works like that: put some photograpic paper into a box with a small hole. Then put the box somewhere for some days or weeks and see how the sun travels on the sky.

Anyone played with it before? Or would like to try it?

These are some cool solarography pictures:

Finally, the long awaited "scandal" happened today :(

This morning i happily woke up and went into the kitchen to share some coffee with Chris, and there i was shocked by the fact that someone bought meat... there was a half-open package of meat being there besides the sink. After i re-stabilized, i grabbed it and threw it in the bin :) Chris and me were pondering about how and who it came into the house, couldn't reallly tell at that moment and so i decided to ask around later when ppl would be awake...a couple of hours later the answer came to me.

Urban Farming US Video

Urban Farming is on the rise in many places where we lost farming a long time ago... Reminds me also of what I learned here in Lyon (!) that 80% of the people in Estonia either grows their own potatoes or gets them through a personal home-grower.

If you have...


17 Aug 2011 14:41
216 Spuistraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands
In het centrum van Amsterdam staat al drie jaar een ruimte leeg. Een ruimte bedoeld voor politiek culturele activiteiten.

CHECK the program here:


Around the world, and back.

Dear casa Robino
When we started to write this letter, we were sitting at a tropical island, drinking cheap Thai whiskey with ice we stole from 7-eleven. We had a tent pitched on a beautiful white sandy beach and every morning we awoke to the feeling of the hot blazing, Thai sun. We left Amsterdam to find the sun, and we finally made it!