coming and going's

On the same day that Amylin arrived safe and sound in Porto and Pascal came over for a visit while on his way from Marrakech to Leeds, Matt went forth and back, and left again to Egypt and Kasper left (again) early morning to Istanbul, while just a day earlier Grace went back to the States, with at the same time Kassia and Sky arriving one day after each other.

Tags and Primary links

Drupal is so easy to configure, whatever you want is basically possible. So Kasper added some free-tagging the other day, and now I created new tag-lines as primary links above the content. It ain't perfect yet, but it will sure help to organise this site while it is growing, and to separate different topics from each-other.

back to my island

Hi everybody, I arrived yesterday in green Ireland, surprisingly the sun is shinning. I miss yet casarobino, it has been a great moment there in Amsterdam. Magic city and people. The idea of a garden on the roof sounds really interesting. Don't forget to take pictures;) .

Merci à tous.

See you someday, somewhere here or there.


Tasks and Guillaume's pictures

The pin board in the hallway is now reserved for tasks. Daily tasks, weekly tasks and monthly tasks. Check it out. There are also some one-time only tasks, such as creating a roof top garden.

While doing that I found 2 little notes:

Rooftop gardening

Why not use the space we have in and around the house for a nice garden? Soil-less gardens apparently can be very nice to grow our own food. We can use the rooftop and the balcony. What about a beanpipe, a pvc-garden on the roof, a small portable greenhouse, and so many other techniques we can use? (Search)

casa needs a (somekindof) maid

I've been deep-cleaning multiple times every day since I arrived. Collecting and washing all the dishes throughout the house, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, tidying, painting things, whatnot... But today I'm leaving and take no responsibility for whatever mess is there.

There is one thing, though: I painted some of the furniture and it will quickly get scratched off and ruined unless it gets a coat or two of clear varnish (veneer). Given that people just sort of throw stuff all over the place, I'm wondering if there's anyone to take on this task?

still here

so I am still here
So I lost the somewhat more elaborate post explaining my continuation to reside in casarobino: In short, I did not trust that I would make it back in time to get my flight to cairo, so I stuck around. I will be heading down to Den haag for the day monday and returning to casarobino to stay before my flight on wednesday. Assuming I don't get lost HHing in the Netherlands.
Which is likely, given my current luck.

arriving at Casa Robino with 2 Danes

Grace here, the new arrival, on why I arrived with 2 Danes.

It's a short story really. I tried to get here by 7pm but ended up having a longer hike than I expected. On my final leg of the trip I got a ride with 2 Danes who had also never been to Amsterdam before. We got a bit lost and arrived around 10pm, got to the house around 11pm. They were trying to find a hostel so I enlisted the help ofthe house wifi and Amylin. Couldnt find suitable accomodation so they slept in the house and left in the morning.

Hi everyone. Happy to be here.

what's the latest?

I hear crazy stories of drivers that don't show up, Danish drivers staying over in the house, and that several new people have arrived. But I am not reading it here... Don't forget: if you don't sign up and post your story, you'll get evicted :) You have the time until 1830 Today :)

porto maçãs com canela

porto maçãs com canela

dumpster-doven apples, cooked in porto wine with cinnamon