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See you in there :)


Just reading up on la Casa. Great to see so much activity up there in the North. And to see so many people living harmoniously together (or so it seems :)

By the way, if worked out our Drupal set up can be used for other communities as well?
Especially if we manage to connect it to other networks (good news: Google and M$ will be openly supporting OpenID).

I'm about to start another wiki (or two) here, but the beach is calling...

anarchism and the art of humor

Another wonderful dumpster-dove dinner.

Julian and I charged to the market at quarter past 5 through a typically drizzly amsterdam evening. We arrived just in time. The best score was a pile of shrink-wrapped broccoli heads. The most heart warming score - the guy who stopped us picking through the grapes in the dumpster so he could load up a bag of grapes straight from the table.

Naming the rooms

Ok, yesterday we went through the painful "sleeping place attribution" (with 10 ppl, it has to be) yesterday, that was made more painful than necessary by the fact that we had to describe the rooms we were talking about. Let's give them names.

We have:
The living room
The small room on the side of the kitchen
The 'bit bigger' room with the huge bed on the other side
The upstairs entrance room
The upstairs side room

The kitchen (need to name?)
The bathroom (need to name?)
The balcony (need to name?)
The hallway (need to name?)
The staircase (need to name?)

Dinner preparation

Dinner preparation

"We invaded Emily's Straat. The open air street market today early enuf to successfully dumpster (having missed it twice this week for being late). There was lots of produce to pick from and the vendors responded well when Lena asked in her high dumpster style of long pointy leather boots, frilly blue short skirt and bright Polish smile. So we captured ample tomatoes, mangoes, plums, papayas, cucumbers, kiwis, green beans, peppers, oranges, lemons and lots of avocados.

Model UN dinner

At dinner yesterday we had:

1 Finn
1 Pole
1 Estonian
1 Dutch
1 German
1 Romanian
1 Yank - me

Tonight we are looking at having a dozen people overnight, including my co-dad Sky and Kassia coming in from Copenhagen. Curiously all the east Europeans are women and all the men are westerns. There were tales of hitching (Karden and Lena just hitched in from Germany, Kaudry last night from Estonia, Mark is coming in today as is Julian and her friend). And we don't know how we are going to fit all these people in this little flat, and we are not worried about it.

hitchhikers all along

While Kasper made it to Jerusalem in no more than twelve days of hitchhiking, Kadry (a friend of Marc who is arriving tomorrow but sitting next to Kasper yesterday) hitched from Estonia to Amsterdam in 4 days, with only 5 rides. Around the same night of her arrival, Lena and Kardan were stuck in some random toilet in a German petrol station.

we want skillsurfers!

The traveling school of life is a network of travelers sharing their skills. It is as such a real social network. We just created an entry on their wiki for this house, where we list some of the ideas and projects we are working on, and what type of skill-surfers are needed here. But there is more.

Five minutes of Bambi

i'm am writing to the guy who owns the dormant domain name (he also owns .net and .org). We want to steal his idea.

The first two "open source" social solutions to be listed there are: