The documentary G(F)ood Samaritans that are rescuing food from dumpsters in The Netherlands.

A documentary made by Eva Delincakova, already back in October last year. It was a fun, but as I wasn't really happy how I look in the video I held it back for a while ;-)

Spot the kitten!

Not Plan A

So there was a plan A. Inspired by they hostel workers in Greece who get on the train several stops before Athens and hand out propaganda for their hostels to tourists coming in on the train. What if we hijacked this distribution idea for the power of good.


Invitation to set up Casa Leipzig

Nomad Base Peers,
I wish to invite us to set up a base in Leipzig.

Context :

An investor is willing to invest 100 000 euros to purchase a building in Leipzig, Germany.

This investor does not want to bother about asking rent,
allowing to live there rent free,
but he wants to be able to sell it in 10 to 20 years from now.

It means, the possibility to buy a building 600 square meters or more.

Proposal :

My proposal is use part of the building as a nomad base.

Need :


dear fatih akin, on behalf of female hitchhikers: thank you for showing us as we are ---

strong, daring, assertive, emotional, patient, crafty, perceptive, resourceful, and still "real".

i love these stereotypes.

Dumpster Diving for a Doctorate on Fox-News

A hilariously conservative-U.S.American broadcast about a PhD candidate studying dumpster-diving. http://www.q13fox.com/videogallery/67015501/News/Dumpster-Diving-For-A-D...

All is Just Fine

Some of you are wondering how I am doing and also how the Casa is. My answer: Perfect! I hardly spend time online for the past months and I am enjoying my time mostly with cleaning, cooking, drinking tea and sitting. At the same time we keep the house quiet. I would be happy if you would call me if you want to hear more, or you like to talk about the weather with me :-) I promise another and longer update on this website when time is right. Thanks!


I just set up CloudFlare on this site. This will hopefully speed up things and block spammers. That's what CloudFlare's supposed to do. Let me know if there's any weirdness.