Need your support, or we are going to close.

Since 2009, in Casale Monferrato, north west of Italy, 35.000 inhabitants, exist a very active place where hospitality is shared. It started from an idea of some local nomads and since 3 years, hosted almost 300 between volunteers and travellers.

Is a colurfoul apartment at first floor in a multicultual street in the city center.
Everyone know the place, and neighbours bring us food and share stories and time with us. Our doors and windows are always open.
We always focused about this: share, understand and respect each person diversity.

Photo Project

Hi everyone,

I am doing a photo project at the moment, with the themes of masculine and
feminine and I am looking for participants! (maybe some of you received this email already but I have only a few email addresses, I realize!)

It is quite simple :
If you feel like participating,
I would like you to look at the objects that surround you in your daily life, the objects you have, and pick one that has an echo to the feminine part in you if you're a woman. One that has an echo to the masculine part in you if you're a man.
Then I would like you to photograph it and email it to me...

Nomadbase in the New Yorker (also: I'm back in Europe)

A columnist from the New Yorker came to stay with us in California a few months ago while writing an article about CS. It was finally published last week:

Interestingly, nomadbase got a mention in the laundry list of hospitality networks. It's a rather intriguing name, so I wonder if traffic has increased at all:

Other networks include Global Freeloaders, Be Welcome, Nomadbase, Tripping, Evergreen Bed and Breakfast Club (for those over fifty), Pasporta Servo (for speakers of Esperanto), and the Hospitality Club, which, with more than three hundred thousand members, is a distant second to CouchSurfing in terms of size.

Our house in California (Ithaka) also got a funny description, near the end.

More importantly, I'm back in Europe for about a year! I'll be in Lyon for a little while, but am pretty flexible. I've got a lightfoot letter to deliver in Milan, and I'll probably come through Amsterdam and Berlin at some point in the near future. But in general, my plans are pretty open-ended. Let me know if you'd like a visit. :-)

Verjaardagsfeestje Robin

The flyer says it all. Drawing by Gabi. Jeeeeeeeeee :)



2 Apr 2012 13:27
palestine and israel

for the coming FIFA world cup, we, a group of inspired individuals from a wide variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, have set ourselves the task of getting all necessary permissions acquired from all relevant organizations, to have joint Palestinian israeli Peace football team enter the official qualifications, led by a top coach from the Netherlands.

we need: someone to help us re-build and maintain the website!

thank you!

please reply to [email protected]

Pussy Riot

Just before election-time in Russia, the girrrls from the punk band pussy riot enter the most famous church of Russia, setting up a show to protest against the connection between the church and the current democracy show-master Putin. In jail now, they really need some solidarity.

Death Penalty internship

Hello my beautiful casa family! I haven't written on here in a while so I thought I would tell you about my plans for the summer as I need your help to achieve them!

Casa Robino Retires

- 'Meow, have you heard the news yet?'
- 'Purrrrrrrrr, yeah, isn't it great? And so unexpected!'
- 'Huh? What do you mean "great"? I think it is rather sad, isn't it?'
- 'Ah, you're talking about that! Meow. You are so right, it is kind of sad. But it was bound to happen one day and at the same time it is good I guess.'
- 'Yes, we all need space once in a while. I just hope people will come back again one day. I miss them already. I am just new here!'