New Give Away Shop Goodies

Surprises, I love 'em! Just in front of the casa we now have a give away shop! I was contacted by Olga, who lived with Heather whilst in London, telling me she is just opening a give-away-shop in the building in front of the casa.

Celebration - We need a party

10 Feb 2013 16:12
10 Feb 2013 21:11
Celebration - We need a party

On Feb. 10 it will be five years ago I received the keys of this beautiful home, a home that has been created by so many of you. I would like to celebrate this moment and therefore we are throwing a nice little party. With soup, pasta madre bread and tapas.

Ah, and by nice chance it is also Novi's half a year celebration, so he will be the host of honour :-)

Eat this Mozart!

At 5 months Novi already starts rocking out the casa.

Everybody Loves Me

Miaaauw. What a silence here on the website. Well in the casa it's all loud. There is this baby here that just keeps on screaming from being so excited about life. And guess what?! All the attention goes to him. Prrrr. Well I guess it is natural. It is a little human you know and not a bird and one day I can also get cuddles from him... Prrrrrrr.

the man who turned his home into a public library,

If you put all the books you own on the street outside your house, you might expect them to disappear in a trice. But one man in Manila tried it - and found that his collection grew.

Hernando Guanlao is a sprightly man in his early 60s, with one abiding passion - books.

They're his pride and joy, which is just as well because, whether he likes it or not, they seem to be taking over his house.

Guanlao, known by his nickname Nanie, has set up an informal library outside his home in central Manila, to encourage his local community to share his joy of reading.

Feeding 5000 people on food what otherwise would have been wasted

Yes, I want to do an awareness campaign like this one day!!
Same time I recommend the TED talk what leaded me to this website:

Some things never change...

Hello, I am new here!

Hello! My name is Novi Tatewari and wow! what an amazing adventure this is! The conception was great, but birth was even better, on the 10th of August at 2.55am - almost a week from now.

And I can tell you, this is so much fun! There is so many things to listen to and to feel - and wow, the milk is really as great as they told me.

Overall I am a pretty chilled boy. I love being awake some hours a day and to be cuddled or rocked. But of course I totally dig sleeping and dreaming. I also like to stretch and to use all of my muscles.

vegan istanbul guide

Hello dear all!

I'm a vegan since january. Yaaaayy, who'd believe! Anyways, to make life little bit easier for fellow vegans visiting Istanbul, I wrote a post. To show them that they wouldn't starve in here. Please spread the word and feel free to comment to make the entry evolve.
Hugs mugs from humid Istanbul

HItchgathering - maybe we can still make it!

For me it is definitely a no-go as I am at home waiting for a person whose doors are inside, but this year it is again time for a European Hitchgathering. The tradition stays in place as this one is already our fifth, and again in another corner of the continent, Lithuania.

Fore more info, head to the website and stick up your thumb.