Manu and me visited Amsterdam to go to the 'State of the Map'-conference, about the OpenStreetMap. If you've never heard about OpenStreetMap, I will tell you a little about it: Basically the OpenStreetMap is to maps, what Wikipedia is to encyclopedias; a community-based project to collect geographic information like streets, parks, pubs - everything which might be interesting. The level of detail can be very high, e.g. the zoos in Berlin and Amsterdam even show the areas of the various animals. Even more interesting is what people make of the data - specialized maps for cycling, skiing, public transportation; routing for cars, cycling and walking; applications for mobile devices like the iPhone; a browser for the data (my project); or you can make a cake out of it.
The conference lasted three days - Friday, the "Business day" and Saturday/Sunday the "community days". Lot's of talks, space for networking - and many male nerds :/
The best thing of the weekend (beside staying in CasaRobino) was the squat sauna Fenomeen - it was just great to relax there.


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@osm: thx stefan for writing

@osm: thx stefan for writing a few words about osm... i also thought it was an interesting conference, also considering some reasons, why people are spending their spare time mapping the world - doing the work, big companies like NavTeq and TeleAtlas are spending millions of dollars on. and how do these geo volunteers react on companies now using their data...

@the casa: thank you again, you lovely casa people! the philosophy of the casa inspired me a lot and i hope to take some of the spirit back to Vienna. i definitely have to find some people to cook and eat with :)

big hugs to all of you!