lightfoot to gent

paul got his post
it was my first mail delivery, my father was a postman for 35 years so maybe it runs in the family.
i got one ride from amsterdam to gent after getting to the road at around 9pm, a bit late but no problems, the 10 days off festival was going on in gent so many people were heading back and forth.
in gent with friends we started on the belgian beers, lekker!!!, and held cardboard above our heads to stay dry from the pooring rain well we were digging the scene of the festival. i think the rain seemed to keep the cities excitment down that night, but its only water.
the next day was beautiful and sunny, perfect for delivering mail! but first things first,i had to be prepared, i needed more of the belgian suds. it helped that i was sleeping in a bar that night, so after breakfest i had my first of the day without having to look to far. ummmm that sweet taste of strong belgian beer pooring over your tastebuds!!
then digging the city i started asking where to find the street (whateverstraat) where the mail was to go, noboday could tell me where it was, they had not heard of it before, this being because its such a small street. nor could they tell me where cafe del sol was ,another place i could find paul having beers. well this only called for one thing... i found a small juice bar which also sold beers for 1 euro or 5 for 4.50. so.... i got 5, well...there were friends from the bar with me so between us i think we had 25 or so. now i was in the proper mind to find this street! walking around the city was great, there was so much going on, concerts, art shows, street performers, and people everywhere crowding together digging the scene. i walked through the maze of streets forgetting that i was looking for paul. randomly i looked up and saw a street sign, shit man, i was on whateverstraat! now i had to find number 11 which of course was nowhere to be seen so i went into a shop to ask the ol man if he knew where it was. he said
'ya this is 11'
'are you paul?'
'yes how can i help you?'
'this letters for you'
i handed him the letter which he looked at puzzeled then realized who it was from and a big smile formed on his old face. he told me to stay while he read it. after he became very emotional, almost in tears and tried to explain how much it ment to him. the letter was from valintina and robino who had stayed in his house while on a cycle trip. they had asked him if he knew a place to sleep and he invited them to his place. he explained to me that he felt bad because he hadnt had time the next day to spend with them and they said a very quick goodbye, and he he wished he could get to know them better.
it made my day to see paul's emotional reaction to this hand written hand delivered letter. there is just so much more value to it when more care and effort is but into sending a message. anyone can press a button to send an email, or walk to the mailbox and let people being paid by the government do the work with cars, trucks and planes. but when its delivered sustainably through personal connections its much more meaningful.
lets keep it going and growingRobino and Paul in GhentRobino and Paul in Ghent


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little miracles happening everyday

At first, I considered Paul and his generosity a little miracle. Who would host 2 random people in his own apartment, living them the keys without questioning and thinking about it twice?
Then, I realized. I would. You would. Most of my friends would do the same. And there are more and more people trusting others. Little miracles which become normality when the right energy is there. When you communicate without words, being able to attract positive, open minds.
Back in the days, Paul has been hitchhiking. To go traveling. To go to work. To go further. The trust and the intuition he developed in that period are the same today. We experinced that.

Little networks of trust rather than miracles are growing all around.
Let's help them spreading!