Shoes in dam square

Shoes in dam square

War Protest - Shoes in Dam Square


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The protest was organised by warchild, to make people aware of children-soldiers. It is connected to Sinterklaas, the big children fest on the 5th of December. Children put their shoes with their wish-list inside. Now what is most interesting is what happens to the shoes - check the truck. The company is "reshare" and is reselling second hand clothes to help funding the salvation army, a Christian charity and church that is internally organised like a military service. They also support environmental projects but funny enough, the only project that is mentioned in this category is Nike, which is re-using sportshoes to make sports/playgrounds see There were 12,000 shoes according to newssources.

The page of the company is only in Dutch: The salvation army is known for its houses where homeless people work for very little money (to gain experience in 'work'). It also has several places in the country where homeless people can eat and sleep for around 7-8 euro.