Cum Laude Aisha

Cum Laude Aisha

Congratulations to Aisha, one of the regular irregulars, who received today her masters in medical anthropology.

casa robino empty

With all temporary inhabitants having left for a week or long weekend (Milano, Hamburg and Paris), this is the first evening since at least two months that casarobino is only hosting ... robino.

Feels good to have the house just by myself for a change - who knows for how long, one can never tell when someone new arrives :)

house has moved

Thanks to some great effort from our favourite house-hackers Anu and Kasper, within 2 days of existence, casarobino moved to a new location, from our home-server to What a swift move was that :)

hitchhiking in Colombia

Just sitting here at Camiel's place, eating some delicious aubergines (again!), and he is just telling me of his hitchhiking adventures in Colombia. Hitching on the back of a truck, holding on the ladders, hoping he wouldn't fall off, and friendly people all over. As he didn't know hitchwiki yet, he now edits the entry on Colombia which still says, more or less, do not try to hitchhike here :)

Sunny Balcony - Anu taking a break

Sunny Balcony - Anu taking a break

how to build a birdhouse

as you may know, casa-robino needs a birdhouse. Well, here is as a first step a useful link. So don't forget to bring some pieces of wood with you, if you visit Casa Robino next time. I'll bring a saw :-)

Not Really Casa Robino

This is how hackers eat spaghetti

This is how hackers eat spaghetti

Just a random image taken during the ABC (Amsterdam Bewelcome Collective)

hola casa

So the site is working, but internet is dead. We had a nice dinner: Aubergine a la Craiova, or something like that. We also got FON working, but yeah, no internet means, no internet, just robino-casa-net. Great work Anu!

The Creation

The house needed a permanent place online to store its inputs and outputs, feedback and creativity in a format accessible for the hackers-artists-storytellers-nomads-in-residence gone and to come. So here it is, share (yes, you can also post without registering) and enjoy! Ah, and if you create an account, your passsword e-mail is considered spam by most e-mail-hosts!