Great Hobonia

Great Hobonia is an independent country without any defined borders and without hierarchies or leaders. It is situated in the south end of the Balkans, and is circled by Greece. It aims to be a sustainable community of open-minded people, who choose to live a rural anarchist life. The number of inhabitants varies between 0 and 15. We have some infrastructure that we are working with and we are trying to improve what we already have and expand as and when necessary to reach the ultimate goal of complete self-sustainability.

pastaMadre day

10 Dec 2011 00:00
pastaMadre day

Dear all,
as you already know I keep on happily pushing against recession... since pastaMadre's journey!
On the 10th of December in conjunction with Terra Madre Day there will be the Pasta Madre Day.
In every city, every region, from the marketsquares to the houses on the 10th of December pasta madre will be pushed!!

This event will be the biggest worldwide moment of mass pushing.
Here you find the announcement of the Food Community pasta madre who organize the event!
We, pusher from the first hour, will be part and witnesses of the event!

como celebrations

como celebrations

people making cool stuff with bikes

no electricity but real pedal power!!

Pastamadre is a Secret Code I Think

:) I reckon you already know about this video. You're in it!

A friend of mine, Yasemin from Italy, is a friend of the "original" guyz. And she was asking if the bread she had at our place was the pastamadre and she might have had the bread by the sourdough that Valentina sent if I didn't killed it :/ But we got some from a village on Aegean Sea coast. And I take care of it like a prince now :) I can send some Turkish pastamadre if you like.

This six degrees of separation theory is crazy!

A Dumpster Diving Documentary!

It's sad. But I'm proud that I learned about it from you people. Love you all dumpster-divers!
Here is the web page:

Interesting story/journey...

π years casa - it must be love

π years casa - it must be love

Occupy the present!

Cheesy goodness :)

Cheesy goodness :)

We are completely self sufficient in cheese - just by asking for the 'throw away's' at the market at closing time :)