medical for professional hitchhikers?

Hello Casanians!
A few of you will remember me studying in Berlin and traveling around during the summers. Well, the first part is finally almost over for good and I will give up my cozy ex-kitchen at P43 and hit the road in around a month. I have a squat to visit in Utrecht before it will be gone in November, other than that I refuse to make plans. But the Casa is definitely on the list of sweet places to visit - finally without hurry.

The only issue that remains right now is medical insurance: I can probably keep my student status, but in Germany that's still 70 EUR/month + ~250 EUR university fees per term - quite a bit of money. Does anyone of you sweet bums have a better idea?

I heard of getting residency and thus state insurance in Sweden just by getting a work contract... ?


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all-in insurances

I know there are all-in insurances for 24 euro per month available here in the NL. That also includes your luggage, etc. Check here: But I am not 100% sure you are supposed to be a resident here, when you take one.

The Swedish option sounds really great though, would love to hear more about that one too!

Looking forward seeing you here !

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Hi Robin,
unfortunately I couldn't find any actual prices on the website.
Do you know if that 24 EUR are for the compulsory "Basisverzekering" or a private one? (see here). Or to phrase that differently: if you pay basic health care, do you pay a similar amount?
Another question (yeah, sorry about that): do you know anything about getting dutch residency as a freelancer (i.e., without a dedicated registered company)?

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I seriously dont know much

I seriously dont know much about them. You should check the travel insurance section, I see the international one is for around 100 euro a year. The one in Dutch speaks about 24 euro...

You can give them a call also.

For your other question, you need to be registered for that first and that will mean you need a health-insurance, and the cheapest is around 70 euro and you will still have to pay the first 600 euro costs yourself. You can then register your own company which only cost you 35 euro a year without extra costs.