Living With Less. Documentary with Casa people

Living With Less. Documentary with Casa people

Living with Less ("Leven met minder") is a short movie made to show alternatives to excessive consumption and is now broadcasted in Amsterdam for free. It features three story-lines, an organic farm, two professional sportsmen and casa divers.

You can see the movie in the center of the city at Leidseplein inside the restaurant in the Stadsschouwburg (the large building facing the square, see map)

. There are several screens inside the restaurant, pick yours and enjoy. Everyday after 10 am.

We had a fun time when they (Meloen, Tony and Jelle) came to dive and eat with us. We discovered new dumpsters that day (one at a supermarket where we rescued some tulips) and got lots of food from two bakeries (one around the corner) and at our usual market. I made a short recording of when they were filming Amylin, see below.


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omfg, noooooooooo

why am i reading that post today and not earlier???
plz give the link to the torrent plz ;)

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Yay, more dumpster diving movies. Is there any way I could watch this one over here in the USA?