so this morning the kitten nicely shat (again) on the floor in front of the door. some people walked in it, it made its way into the hall out the door. it was cleaned (thanks!). again tonight while talking about the problem she shat in front of the bathroom door. it makes you think about health of people staying here or visiting. really, in amounts, the shit is spread through our floors, into the zula. especially when the litter box is inside, even then the cat comes out with shit and piss on her paws, spread again by our feet into the zula where we eat. think about dinners, when we lean back to relax with our hands on the floor where shit is, how do we prevent parasites from getting in our stomach. we have our hand on the floor then use them to break bread and pass it around. could it become a serious problem? that litter box was cleaned today and she still took a nice one on the floor. iv never had a problem like this with a cat. does anyone have any GOOD ideas on what the problem is? is this a good place for her? whats up? this shouldn't have and CAN NOT continue
nobody has a good idea yet


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I used to have a cat with the

I used to have a cat with the same problem. But it was only in the one place I lived with her , and as soon as I left that one home she never did it again.I came to the conclusion that she was simply just uncomfortable , there were always a lot of people around as well as two other cats and some animals get very stressed out about that it seems ,so I suppose thats a way of acting out. But as soon as I moved to a more quiet laid back environment she was happy as heck!!!!!Cats like routine , so it could simply be that the cat just is not able to adjust that easily.The best advice I can give is keep the cat in a select part of the house that she can get used to and feel safe, if that doesn't help she is probably just one of those cats that doesn't like too much going on around them. Good luck with the poo problem!

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caca robino

It might be that she doesn't have any private space. Sometimes cats just pee and poo to mark their territory. That might be the case here.

The scratchpole she had for a while was kitten's only territory (apart from the litterbox) and she was really happy to play with it. I think it was a really bad idea to take it away, it makes me sad even.

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Yes, that was a good pole. She is using the chairs again now...

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As they say,

shit happens

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Put diapers on the cat I say.

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oh, and every time our back

oh, and every time our back is turned the cat is on the counter in the disco, sometimes just licking the bread

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ya her litter box is

ya her litter box is accessable and clean. well...again at this moment someone is cleaning up yet another wet turd in front of the door. WHY. she knows it is wrong, we can tell that. we give her lots of attention too. its happening daily. she doesnt show us sustainable hospitality. personally im discusted. we dont have space for anyones shit. people and animals can not be shitting on these floors

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maybe kitten has a brain

maybe kitten has a brain fracture due to the fall and doesn't know where to shit anymore. let's look to the situation in the coming weeks and if we can't get her back to normal, then maybe it is time to find another home or head back to Friesland?

Generally, what to do is to make sure the litter box is always accessible but also when we see she wants to shit or pee, to take her immediately to the litter-box, also just after she did her 'work'. But I also understand that she often does it when no-one sees her doing it.

I will also bring her to the vet next week to get some advice. Don't know any real solution yet but I do understand this is not sustainable for any of us.